Ready to Bloom into radiant vitality? The Daisy Method is your ticket to soulful well being

My Story

Just a couple of years ago, I was feeling awfully stressed, exhausted, full of terrible menopause symptoms, I was 95 kg (give or take!) my body ached, and I was suffering really low mood. Honestly, though, I didn’t fully grasp how deep I was in it. I prided myself on maintaining what I believed was a healthy diet—chock-full of veggies, pulses, balanced with whole grains, and a mix of animal-based and veggie proteins. Of course, let’s not forget the occasional “soul food” indulgences, my term for treats like scones, large lattes, and other delights from my favourite cafes. However, despite my seemingly balanced approach, the weight was stubbornly piling on.

Despite being blessed with a genetic predisposition to metabolic issues (diabetes is a family heirloom), and dealing with well-controlled thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s, to be specific), I was convinced my healthy diet should have been enough. But reality hit hard, and frustration set in.

I even started dreading clients requesting weight loss guidance and even though I was helping women everyday with menopause and perimenopause, I felt like a total fraud. Because I wasn’t helping myself – at all! The midlife struggle to make an impact on the scales was real, and so was the midlife propensity to feel truly terrible all the time.

Now, you might find it surprising that I’m staunchly anti-“diets”, given that I work with weight loss. So, when I stumbled upon the Metabolic Balance® Practitioner training, initially I was skeptical. It seemed like just another expensive and restrictive weight loss program, completely at odds with my philosophy of taking baby steps toward health. But then again, those baby steps weren’t cutting it for me or my clients. I needed a change.

Embarking on my Journey with this remarkable program, required me to do my own Metabolic Balance® plan and a significant shift in mindset. Quickly, I realised it wasn’t just about weight loss. Within three months, I was not only 15 kg lighter but also symptom-free. Fast forward 24 months, and the transformation in my body and overall well-being is remarkable. My blood markers have normalised, from pre-diabetes, to high triglycerides, and my body has become a reliable gauge for maintaining balance. ( hot flushes now let me know when I am overdoing things!)

Yet, the most significant change isn’t just physical.

I’ve seemingly transformed my inner self—battling self-sabotage and emotional eating are things of the past. I’ve embraced self-care and know my limits, signaling a massive internal shift. After a life marked by grief and shame, who would have thought I’d find a path to self-respect and shed a chunk of self-loathing? It’s crazy, but here I am. I can’t imagine reverting to my old ways (or eating habits). It truly is transformative!

While my massive transformation showed me what was possible, I realised that clients needed extra help, so once again I embarked on extra training – this time In Emotion Release Technique and now I am seeing this same level of transformation in my clients too.🌟

After 24 months of delivering this program I am convinced that the way to keep the belly fat off for good is to not only use personalised nutrition, but to also do the deep work into the depths of heart mind and soul.

I pride myself that The Daisy Method is a truely holistic nutritional program for long term health, well being and yes fat-loss.