The Daisy Method

Ready to hit the reset button on your health and experience a new quality of life? Metabolic Balance® is your ticket to a healthier, happier you.

Metabolic Balance® Programme with Daisy Wood

The Daisy Method uses Metabolic Balance® personalised nutrition (as discovered via a comprehensive blood test) to balance the metabolic pathways in your body to help achieve a fitter, healthier you.

I help you bust through sabotaging behaviour and support for the pillars of health (stress, sleep, nutrition and movement) and hormones, to see lasting results.

As well as weight loss and improvements in health markers such as cholesterol, normalising blood pressure and blood sugar, people who have done the program report better sleep and amazing energy. Plus improvements in gut health, allergies, pain and skin conditions. Best of all, menstrual and menopausal symptoms are improved!

It is a transformational experience mentally physically and emotionally! You have to be ready as it requires significant commitment and change. But as I always say; if we don’t change, we don’t change! And there are buckets of support here to help you.

The Daisy Method is a hybrid program where you have one on one appointments with me AND the power of group coaching calls (weekly) and an online community to help with support, accountability and recipes. You get an epic level of support because I know that is the best way to get real and lasting results.

The Daisy Method harnesses the power of the group to give you support, accountability and friendship with an amazing bunch of women!

Metabolic Balance® with the Daisy Method!

As a Metabolic Balance® Coach, I know that excess weight is only part of the problem. My new clients tell me they feel exhausted and flat or anxious and stressed, or all of the above! Sleep is often elusive and they feel like they are just going through the motions of life.

They tell me they are so busy being all things to all the people, that they find it hard to commit to any health regime or even anything that is just for them!

They tell me that their stress levels and work-dominant lifestyle keep them from actually doing anything for themselves ( did you know you can’t keep pouring from an empty cup)

They tell me that every time they try to lose weight, a sneaky little inner voice sabotages the results! AND the crazy hormonal waves make them crave alllll the chocolate (and lose it at the kids and or their other half!)

They tell me they are worried about ageing and what the future might bring for them

DO any of those sound familiar?

Perhaps you realise that in order to lose that baggage & feel like you again, you need to change your diet. BUT there is a problem! Maybe one (or more!) of these get in your way?

The strategies that used to work, don’t seem to work any more..damn hormones!

Overwhelm is real! There are so many conflicting nutritional theories out there!!

Should I be Vegan? Should I eat Keto? Paleo? Low FODMAP? Mediterranean? Or Peagan?

(Peagan?!) or starve myself (NB, did you know that fasting is not great for midlife women!!)?

Even if a decision could be made, the self-sabotage steps in before results are reached

Lose a few kilos, then modern life gets in the way and the weight is back where it started or worse!

Too tired and stressed to have the wherewithal to start anything at all…

Can you imagine…?

  • knowing exactly the foods your body needs?
  • feeling great in your skin?
  • not needing to cut out entire food groups to get results?
  • not needing to go to extremes to achieve those results?
  • what you could do if you actually had some energy?
  • sleeping through the night? How great would you feel?
  • knowing what to do to ensure your body behaved and you no longer felt at the mercy of your fluctuating hormones!
  • approaching menopause and the next half of your life, knowing
  • your health was on an upward trajectory not a downward one.
  • asking yourself how different would life be?

SO! If you want to learn how to eat just for you AND lose that spare tyre AND have a new lease on life AND beat the sabotage at its own game, so you can move into any of those possible futures, I have something exciting for you!

A clear plan

You will probably be feeling a bit of fear of the unknown, but remember you only need to have a glimmer of hope to succeed at anything – The Daisy Method helps you to expand that glimmer into a tangible goal and to break down the obstacles your brain (and body) might put in the way of achieving the goal/s. and gives you clear plan to follow, so most often the those fears melt away as you progress past the first few weeks of your program.

If you decide that you are keen and before hitting the pay now button below, to ensure you are ready to do this ask yourself these questions:

I am ready to eat exactly 3 meals a day?

I am ready to avoid all processed foods and eat only fresh whole foods?

I am ready to prepare meals according to Metabolic Balance® rules?

I am ready to comply fully with the plan (food list, quantities, rules etc)?

I am ready to eat an apple a day?

I am willing to limit exercises during the strict phase? (remember it is only 2 weeks, and means your body has ample energy to heal)

I have an optimum time in mind of when to start the program, with at least 2 days where you can concentrate on you and do not much.

I am flexible and accepting of any (physical & emotional) changes that may occur!?

You get 3 months of support and coaching that enables you to:

Know what your optimal foods are, so you can easily release the weight and feel like you again

Learn what your physical barriers to weight loss are and learn exactly how to fix them, so you can feel cool calm collected and WELL

Improve your relationship to food and find a new level of love and respect for yourself, with lasting results!

Find an amazingly supportive group of new friends and accountability to help keep you on track

Coaching and strategies to improve the pillars of health – Nutrition, Sleep, Stress Management, Movement so you can create new habits for a vital life

Learn how to keep the weight off AND not feel restricted SO you can live in the real world with a functioning metabolism!

“If you don’t change, you don’t change”

Here’s what my clients say

“My outlook has changed, I have so much more energy and concentration, emotionally I’m much more stable, I sleep better and I no longer ache all the time. An added bonus is that I’ve lost 18kgs and I’m still going… I really can’t thank Daisy enough!’
– JM

“I have been on the Metabolic Balance® Programme for 4 months and have dropped 5kg and kept it off and now easily sit within a maintenance range. My migraines have vanished, muscle soreness and fatigue are much better and I am slowly building up an exercise routine.”
– ZP

SO what makes the Daisy Method soooooo much more than any other weight loss program out there?

  • It’s about health for LIFE, not just about weight loss!
  • The personalised plan and 1:1 sessions ensure it is 100% personalised, this is not a cookie-cutter solution
  • Personalised food quickly nourishes the systems in YOUR body that need support so you feel better quickly!
  • Personalised food enables your body to balance metabolic processes and release its emergency storage!
  • The ongoing coaching and deep dives into you, ensure you keep the weight off and stay feeling great
  • As a naturopath and herbalist that has an exclusive focus on women in mid-life I am highly qualified to guide you to do both peri-menopause and weight release with wellness, joy and vitality
  • As a chef, I am qualified to help you get there with delicious food and no feeling of lack!
  • A guided and supported program, with the coach who knows you and what your barriers and sabotages are, is always going to be more effective than a vanilla group program!
  • I (as your coach) have lived experience of the full effects of the program and have my own weight release (20KG!) results! so I really do understand!

Here is what KM has to say, just 3 weeks into her program:

“Kia Ora, I am 58 years old, in Jan 2022 I discovered I had thyroid issues and had to stop work as my body no longer responded to the daily work demands of my job and my BP was significantly high. I made unhealthy food choices to satisfy a raging hunger cycle and in June/July I weighed around 131.15kgs. These experiences enable me to to self-reflect and set about making changes in my lifestyle. I saw an advert by Daisy online about Metabolic Balance (MB) and after initial inquiries I began the MB journey with Daisy. I have only been on MB for three weeks. I find Daisy’s approach is very professional, wholistic and nurturing with the MB programme and this has enabled me to confidently make healthy food choices and decisions that I never did before. Consequently, I have been amazed how my body has responded so well at such an early start of the MB programme. I now weigh about 122.25kgs and feel more alive each day. My primary focus is more about the quality of life I am beginning to experience through the healthy food choices that I am making. I am committed to MB lifestyle now because it is going to get my healthy lifestyle back. Daisy is very supportive and her guidance is incredibly encouraging. – Mārama”

(Update! KM is now 6 months in and has released 30KG! I am so proud of her!)